Friday, March 9, 2012

The First Ever Couple Dance

Painting of a couple dancing
For years now, people around the globe have pictured couples dancing in one classic closed pose - the woman's left hand in a man's right hand, her right hand on the man's shoulder and the his right hand placed on her back. However, that wasn't always the case. The earliest forms of formal dancing involved choreographed steps being performed by couples who were allowed only minimum physical contact; perhaps in the form of holding hands. A dance that went beyond holding hands had not existed until then. 

So then which was the first ever dance-form to be done in the classic closed pose with a man and woman facing each other? It was the Viennese Waltz. When the Viennese Waltz first got accepted as a legitimate dance form in the 1830s, it was a craze all across Europe. Slowly, but steadily, its popularity grew and took over the globe. 

Never seen the Viennese Waltz being performed? Fear not, for Tip Tap Toe is here. Here's a video that should solve the problem.

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