Friday, February 24, 2012

Step Up 4Ever Coming In 2012

Well, I can’t speak for every other dancer when I say this; but I sure can speak for myself. Of the successful and popular ‘Step Up’ movie franchise, StepUp 2 : The Streets was my favorite. From the choreographed dance routine that they pull off in the train, to the finale in the rain (Yay, that rhymed!); every single sequence in the movie was well executed. I was utterly disappointed with Step Up (2006) and the subsequent Step Up 3D (2010); which were not as impressive. 

Come 2012, the Step Up Franchise is all set to keep growing. With a teaser out early last week, Step Up 4Ever is all set to be the dance movie of the year. While the short teaser provides insight into the cast chosen this time around, it also throws light on an important fact – this time around the story is set in MIAMI (unlike the Baltimore and New York settings in the past). 

Here’s a quick sneak peek at what the teaser looks like – 


As per the IMDB page of the movie, Step Up 4 should hit theaters in July this year. This is definitely one movie I am going to keep my eyes out for. 

Are there any such dance movies you'll be looking forward to to this year? Do let us know. May be we could do a little research for you and keep you posted.

Before we leave, here's a snapshot on the leading pairs of the Step Up franchise, with the addition of Step Up 4Ever.

The Lead Pairs Of The Step Up Franchise
Happy Dancing!

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