Saturday, February 25, 2012

Will Young - Losing Myself

There are those days when you come across something exciting over the internet; and you know that it deserves to be shared with the world. Here's an interesting video I came across today, on a blog that I have been following lately.

It is rare to see such a video where the dancers are not only chosen for the way they dance, but also because they fit the bill. With similar facial and physical features; the dancers seem to have a done a great job of helping Will Young 'Lose Himself'. Every single time that I watch the video, it makes me think of how much effort must have gone into getting it right! 

If  you take the effort to watch most of Will Young's works, you will notice that the guy isn't too open about his dancing skills; but you have to give it to him - he's done a pretty neat job with the video.

Plus, listening to this particular song over and over again, I feel like the song's growing on me. I hope to utilize the song for a choreography some day. What do you think?

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